Per the Sales Contract, the customer must receive training or transition training in a Magni machine from a Magni USA approved instructor. The cost of this training will be determined at the time an order is placed and will be added in the total price on the sales contract. These up-front training costs will vary between $400 and $2400, depending on the experience level of the customer.

For instance, an experienced rotorcraft pilot might require minimal transition training, while non-rotorcraft experienced customers may require more.

All Magni USA customers, by contract, are required to receive dual and transition training into their Magni machine in order to assure their competency to fly their Magni gyroplane.

These charges, included and itemized additionally on the sales contract, will include all dual instruction required for a solo or Student logbook endorsement (up to 20 hours of dual), AND all additional supervision to transition the purchaser to competent solo flight in their Magni machine.

These costs are based on a special training rate for Magni purchases of $80 per hour (normally $150 per hour) of dual flight training.

Pre-purchase training charges will apply toward the total training package cost in the final sales contract. The purpose of this pre-sale training is to help the potential purchaser and Magni USA determine whether to proceed with a purchase, and to help assure that the customer will be able to successfully learn to fly their own machine - prior to commitment of the customer or of Magni USA. (Visit us at Perryville airport for demo ride and introductory training)

Partial rebates from the contractual training costs may be made for any dual training done in the customer's machine rather than in the Magni USA trainer. Keep in mind that the dual flight is not allowed in an Experimental aircraft until the initial 40 flight test hours are flown off. Per FAA regulations, the purchaser, or any other (rated) pilot, must have the Magni USA training endorsement prior to solo flight in that machine.

Partial rebates from the contractual training costs may be made in allowance for the customer obtaining a Student solo endorsement from another CFI or BFI - upon Magni USA review and approval of that training. However, all Magni USA purchasers will require some minimal dual and transition training into their Magni machine by Magni USA or an approved Magni instructor in a Magni trainer.

All training may or will be conducted at the Magni USA home base in Missouri, at any flying event which Magni USA has planned to be at, or at a mutually agreed upon time and location - at the customer's expense for any incurred travel or lodging expenses (Contractual training costs do not include travel or lodging for either the customer or for Magni USA)

(The purpose for the up-front deposit for training is to assure as best possible, that the customer will accomplish adequate training and familiarization for flight in their Magni machine. These up-front costs are significantly less than normal gyro training expenses.)