Magni USA company philosophy

Magni USA shares the same goals and dreams of Vittorio Magni and his family in Italy - that the autogyro realize
its full potential to be the safest, and most useful and popular aircraft available to sport aviation. See The Magni
Philosophy. This goal includes to demonstrate and continue, in North America, the excellent safety record for
the Magni line of autogyros. I believe that such a demonstration of excellent safety will influence others throughout the sport
to accept and adopt
practices and designs that may positively affect the safe growth of this sport.

To achieve this goal of a continued excellent safety record and to best influence the safe operation of every Magni autogyro sold in North America, Magni USA must set and assure a high standard of diligent attention to all critical aspects of gyro activity - including thorough training, close customer assembly and maintenance support, and adherence to the proven and tested design. We will request and require that all Magni builders support this philosophy and the ultimate safety goals.

Will Magni USA help with assembly?

YES! It is the philosophy of Magni USA and a requirement of Magni Gyro in Italy, that close support of builder activities be maintained during and after construction of each Magni autogyro in North America. Obviously, this is a big country and it will require considerable effort on the parts of both Magni USA and the builders to meet this obligation. But, we believe this is critical to the safe completion and operation of each machine.

This support is intended to be in the form of personal inspection and initial test flights by a qualified Magni USA representative. This support is also intended to include phone and/or email support of building progress. Initially, this support will require close personal attention from myself, Greg Gremminger. In this way, we hope to enhance the diligence and expertise within each builder, and to eventually develop a support network of qualified builders and Magni technical representatives.

We intend to include a certain amount of builder support and services from Magni USA in the initial purchase price of each machine. Travel and/or additional services/support expenses will be the responsibility of the builder. The requirement for the builder and Magni USA to meet these responsibilities will be included in the sales contract and will be a condition of the sale. We firmly believe that diligence in this area is critical to the safe operation of each aircraft. We believe that adherence to these responsibilities will help to meet the Magni USA goals and will best promote many years of safe enjoyment by the builder.

How can I get trained to fly a Magni?

In support of our safety goals, Magni USA will provide training and/or transition training for each builder to fly his/her Magni autogyro. We have the M-16 Trainer operational in Perryville, MO. The M-16 Trainer has been specifically designed to emulate the flight and handling characteristics of all other Magni models.

It is our belief that the most significant factor in gyro flight safety is quality training and experience - including knowledge and appreciation of gyro flight principles and aerodynamics. Initially, all Magni flight training will be conducted or approved by myself, Greg Gremminger - Gyroplane CFI. Ultimately, we hope to develop a network of Magni instructors providing training and transition training in the M-16.

Transition training means experienced supervision of the transition of the new gyro pilot into his/her own personal machine. Although the M-16 was specifically intended to make this transition into all other Magni models as easy as possible, we believe that close supervision of this process is important to that pilot's safety. This applies as well to pilots experienced in other gyros. It is becoming increasingly appreciated that all gyros have different control responses, requiring some degree of re-training and re-development of those automatic responses in a different machine.

We require the purchase of a training and/or transition training package from Magni USA at the time of purchase of each machine - the extent of this training and price of the training package depending on previous experience of the pilot. See the Training web page. Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the builder. The requirement for the builder and Magni USA to meet these responsibilities will be included in the sales contract and will be a condition of the sale. We firmly believe that training and transition diligence is critical to the safe operation of each aircraft. We believe that adherence to these responsibilities will help to meet the Magni USA goals and will best promote many years of safe enjoyment by the builder.

Can I modify my Magni?

The Magni models incorporate many, many hours of development and flight testing. See Magni Mechanical Design Philosophy. The engine systems have been professionally designed by experienced Rotax technical support representatives. The kit includes all components to properly install the engine and monitor its performance and reliability (an electronic engine monitor is standard equipment on all 2-seat models). Experience has demonstrated and the Magni factory believes that these are critical factors that have helped achieve their superb reliability and safety goals. As such, neither Magni Gyro in Italy, nor Magni USA, will allow major engine substitution or other significant modifications to the basic and proven design without specific authorization from Magni Gyro in Italy. This restriction will be included in the sales contract and will be a condition of the sale.

We feel this is essential to establishing, demonstrating and maintaining a reliable and safe track record for the Magni autogyro in North America. The Magni reliability, performance and safety is proven. The last thing we would want would be to tarnish that record and diminish the reputation for a quality product, because of failure or problems with a non-proven component. We believe Magni customers, builders and fliers will support that goal and philosophy. We believe this philosophy best promotes long-term safety for the builder and for the gyro sport.

How expensive is a Magni?

The Magni autogyros may not be the least expensive machines in this market. There are good reasons for this. The over-riding goal of safety, and the philosophy to achieve that goal, requires significant effort and resources. The Magni designs utilize state-of-the art CAD and CNC technology to assure quality and structural integrity of the finished components. Expensive tooling and professional craftsmen are employed to ensure reliability, fit and performance of all components. Many hours and years of prototype development, testing and re-testing go into the design of each Magni model. Many components and features are included with the "standard" kit to ensure long-term, reliable and safe operation of each Magni machine. See Magni Gyro Mechanical Design Philosophy and Flight Characteristics.

Even so, a side-by-side cost comparison of each standard Magni model with other similar machines, with similar (optional) equipment, reveals the cost differences are not so great! Then consider the engine proven performance and reliability. See PRICES web page. Compare the performance and safety record. In many cases, the effort and costs to adapt or configure other designs with the features to achieve comparable safety, performance and reliability makes that resulting cost even exceed the final cost for the comparable Magni model.

Vittorio Magni has the aircraft production experience and the long-range production plans and insight to prepare his factory to produce quality parts and products at competitive prices. Production tooling and molds, and CAD/CAM investments are just a part of this plan. The Magni factory has assembled skilled professionals to address all business aspects to provide a quality product and service, in quantity, at competitive prices. In the end, we are confident that Magni customers, builders and fliers will be more than pleased with the value of their investment.

We all know that the cost of the equipment is not the total cost of participation in any sport. To fly and enjoy any gyro or aircraft safely, investments in training and construction integrity are essential. Per the Magni Gyro and Magni USA philosophy to emphasize safety and reliability above all costs, Magni USA has elected to include and require those investments in the actual purchase of every Magni machine. These will be contractual requirements to receive training and to arrange for qualified inspections of the completed machine. These are investments that must or should be made anyway. At Magni USA, we believe that builders and fliers should assuredly recognize and reserve resources for those investments in their own safety.

The cost of certain amounts of training and inspections/flight tests will be included in the purchase price and as a condition of sale. We intend to work with each customer to identify the appropriate up-front price for such services. Services required beyond those originally in the purchase price will be negotiated. We believe Magni customers, builders and fliers will support that approach. We believe that approach best promotes long-term safety for the builder and for the gyro sport. Our primary intent is the safety of each gyro flier. Our secondary intent will be to help that flyer achieve his/her goals at a minimal, but fully recognized investment.

Sales Contract?

The contract for sale of a Magni autogyro by Magni USA includes several stipulations consistent with the safety and reliability philosophy above. There will be a stipulation that the designated engine and propeller be used, and that no significant modifications or substitutions to the standard design be made. Significant deviations or modifications will require the written approval of Magni Gyro in Italy.

The sales contract includes stipulations that an agreed-upon amount of pre-paid training or transition training will be received from a qualified Magni USA approved instructor. The contract also includes a stipulation that an agreed-upon amount of inspection and a flight test, by an approved and qualified Magni USA representative will be accomplished prior to the builder flying the machine.

The sales contract also assures that all Magni owners make similar written stipulations and requirements for each subsequent purchaser of that machine. This would simply be to use a similar or the same sales contract form to document any subsequent sales. This is to ensure that ALL Magni owners make the proper safety investments. This would apply whether that machine is sold as an assembled machine or is sold as parts.

Is insurance available?

Yes, but it’s hard to come by. We have several Magni owners who receive coverage—see our INSURANCE page