1) Magni Gyro (Italy) FAQs and company philosophy
        About Magni Gyro
        The Magni Philosophy
        The Training Philosophy
        The Mechanical Design Philosophy
        The Flight Characteristics Philosophy

2) About Magni USA
       Who is Magni USA?
       Where is Magni USA?
       What is the status of Magni USA?
       When can I purchase a Magni?
       Can I build a 51% kit?
       How long will it take to build a Magni?
       What about engines?
       What are the kit prices and accessories?
       Performance Specifications
       What about Safety?
       Where can I learn more about what makes a gyro safe to fly?
       What makes the Magni so stable and safe to fly?
       Where can I see a Magni?

3) Magni USA company philosophy

       What are the goals of Magni USA?
       Will Magni USA help with assembly?
       How can I get trained to fly a Magni?
       Can I modify my Magni?
       How expensive is a Magni?
       Sales Contract