Insurance for gyroplanes has traditionally been difficult to acquire, as it has for many other sport aircraft. We do hope insurance availability will improve. With the issuance now of the new gyroplane Design and Performance standards, we may now start seeing reasonable insurance prices.

We are pursuing additional insurance options, but, even when available, insurance costs certainly encourage good training, stable, safe and reliable aircraft, and responsible flying. With these attributes, gyroplanes hold the potential to be, by far, the safest sport aircraft available. Our overall purpose of involvement with Magni Gyro is to demonstrate the reality of this potential. Our introductory and training program is intended to screen potential Magni fliers and provide the best in training and understanding of the essential gyroplane knowledge elements. 

The Insurance Companies listed below had verified that they could provide hull and liability coverage. We cannot assure that coverage remains available at this time.

Falcon Aviation Insurance
Lorrie Spencer
(800) 880-0801

Evolution Insurance Brokers
Rick J. Lindsey
(801) 304-5510

Aviation Insurance Resources
Gregg Ellsworth