2018 began with the achievement of a historic goal for Magni Gyro: the 1100th gyroplane, now ready for flying new dreams and to support the passion of tho se who love and enjoy gyro-flying. It is the celebration of a fully Italian "dream factory," created and "piloted" by the Magni family, happy to share this important result with all of you.

The Magni factory is situated in the middle of the aviation center of Italy, just outside Milano in Besnate.

Vittorio developed his aircraft production skills at this Agusta helicopter factory. Vittorio takes advantage of the local abundance of experienced aviation craftsmen in his own autogyro operation. For instance, a 
certified computer numerical controlled (CNC) shop, 90% dedicated to Magni autogyros, fabricates all the critical Magni parts from fully engineered CAD drawings.

All fiberglass parts are fabricated at a separate Magni factory, where every machine is fully assembled as well. Magni’s sons, Pietro and Luca, handle this end. Pietro is largely responsible for the composite and fiberglass work components - fuselage pod, tail group, landing gear and rotors; Luca takes on aircraft assembly and wiring.

Vittorio and his family must love their work. They work in the factory five days a week, then on the 
weekends, it’s off to the airfield for training, flight tests and gyro design. Vittorio trained his sons well. Both Pietro and Luca are certified flight instructors. Lisa Magni, Pietro’s wife, flies her own autogyro as well and also handles office duties at the factory.

Products are sold in quite a huge market area including Western Europe, Southern Africa, the United State, Australia and New Zealand.

Magni Gyro activity is not limited to the work carried out at the company’s premises; a remarkable maintenance centre was established in order to grant reliability and an adequate and efficient assistance service to customers. Flight tests and ordinary maintenance are carried out at the maintenance centre.