When Steph was the Editor of the PRA Rotorcraft magazine, we became passionate
about somehow improving the terrible accident situation with gyroplanes in the U.S.
  It has been our intent and goal to improve the gyro sport through education to
promote understanding and appreciation of the various safety issues involved.
Our strategy has been to "educate the consumer" because it is our belief that an
educated and knowledgeable consumer, one who at least knows the issues
involved and the questions to ask, will help drive the industry and the sport toward
safer machines, safer pilots, and an improved safety record and reputation.

Once we had achieved an understanding of the aerodynamic issues involved and felt we could present these principles in understandable terminology, we looked at the various commercially available gyroplanes on the market to identify a machine that would help us demonstrate and promote the aerodynamic stability and control principles involved - principles and knowledge essential to the reduction or elimination of the critical safety issues of PIO and Bunt-Overs - as well as improve other safety margins for experienced and less experienced gyro pilots alike. We identified a few gyroplane designs that appeared to address some, or even most of these principles and issues. One design that seemed to address all of these issues in an attractive package, was the Magni line of gyros.

In 1999, Steph and I went to Italy to fly and evaluate the Magni. To our satisfaction, we found the Magni to not only meet our subjective AND technically objective criteria for stability throughout the wide flight envelope; but we found diligent design attention to structural ruggedness, engine and airframe reliability, and attention to pilot training and attitudes to be a passion among Vittorio Magni, his sons, and his staff! We found the Magni line of gyros had successfully and diligently addressed each of these technical principles and issues, and over decades, its safety record throughout the world has been remarkable.

Long ago, we realized that the Magni machines would be the ideal gyro with which to demonstrate the principles and diligence to training, reliability, and stability that we feel are important in the quest to improve the safety record of our sport. We provide a number of articles and stories to help those of you interested and enthused with the miracle of gyro flight to better understand and appreciate the issues important to your safety and the successful promotion of our sport and industry.

Contact us if you'd like to experience the thrill of flying gyros--and in particular, the MAGNI GYRO.