Magni USA is pleased to help make the Magni line of gyros available in the United States.
M-16, M-22 and M-24 quick build kits meet the FAA checklist for 51% Amateur-Built Experimental category.

The Magni factory is proud to introduce the new PLUS Option on all Models – Utilizing the Rotax, 915iS engine – 141 HP.  Also, all models now include the premium Berringer wheels and brake system.

Our Magni USA PRICE schedule includes all available options.  Please note that many options are now provided as standard equipment.  Prices are in Euros, and a quick conversion tool to USD is included.  Call us to discuss ways to minimize shipping costs.

Our M-16 trainer is available for demo lessons at Perryville Missouri - come visit us! I have a gyro CFI rating and am able to provide introductory, logable training hours to prospective owner/ builders - see Training. You have an open invitation to visit us at the Perryville Mo. Airport – KPCD (directions) to see the M-16 trainer and for some introductory lessons.

Since your interest in gyros has now reached this point in our introduction to Magni Gyroplanes, you obviously have the discerning interest of an aviation enthusiast who wants to learn more to be a safe and informed gyroplane flier.  At this point I invite you to review our paper on The Magni Difference.  If you have been researching gyros, you have probably noticed volumes of confusing opinions and promotions and issues.  This paper is intended to address those subjects and others that you might not hear of elsewhere.

At Magni USA, our priority is to inform and educate potential Magni fliers on subjects they might currently not even know they don’t know.  Informed and involved pilots, and therefore safe and satisfied potential Magni fliers, are our ultimate goal.  We are proud that Magni gyros have been a primary influence on the improved safety of our sport over the last several decades.  The safest and most popular gyroplanes around the world are either Magni gyros, or the number of aerodynamic clones of Magni gyros, that have essentially eliminated the traditional flight stability safety issues of Buntovers and Pilot Induced Oscillations.  However, there are other less obvious, but still important, safety and reliability issues - other than simply the Magni “Big Tail Way Back” aerodynamic solution adopted by the Magni “clones” and others.
New people to our sport may not easily recognize other underlying safety and performance advantages that Magni Gyros have to offer.  In gyros, as in life, you get what you pay for.  We invite you to continue to explore our website fully; but, to better appreciate the “rest of the story” at this point in your research, I suggest you click this “The Magni Difference” link right now.


This "Magni Difference” article is long and deep.  If you are a gyro geek and safety advocate like myself and the Magni family, you may be anxious for new understanding and willing to invest the time to learn some concepts you may never have been introduced to. 


If, after reviewing the information on this site, you are further interested in availability of Magni gyroplanes in the U. S., please contact us and consider visiting our home base in Perryville, MO.   Or, we can refer you to other U.S. Magni Gyro Dealers that may be more convenient to you.  It is our policy that prospective buyers receive three hours of dual training to make sure they will be satisfied with their purchase. 

We further suggest that you learn as much as possible about gyroplanes. There are a number of excellent sources (PRA, PRA Chapters, FAA Rotorcraft Handbook, etc.). I have also written several Stability and Safety Envelope ARTICLES reprinted from issues of Rotorcraft and other magazines. These are the principles and issues we hope to demonstrate to gyro enthusiasts through the promotion of the Magni line of gyros. These articles are presented to help inform and educate the gyro community in the principles and issues that will help us all to be safer fliers and expand gyroplane sport, utility and safely. We hope you find this website helpful and informative.

-  Greg Gremminger